11 May

Why You Should Get a New Thermostat

Your thermostat may not be the first thing that comes to mind when performing your semi-annual maintenance on your HVAC system. We often take the convenience for granted: with just a press of a button, you can control your home’s comfort. You may not realize the advantages of modern-day air conditioners until your thermostat breaks at the worst moment possible. Don’t wait around for a hot day to discover your thermostat no longer works. Here’s why you should call Naughton Mechanical to have a new one installed. 

Lower Your Energy Costs

Newer thermostats are designed to have automatic settings that optimize energy efficiency. This makes it easier to avoid setting the temperature too high or too low or to cause the unit to run for longer than necessary. With the right settings, you can save up to 15% on energy costs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s a feel-good decision that benefits the environment as well as your wallet. 


Continuing off the last point, lower energy consumption means a better environment. High energy consumption is associated with using more fossil fuels and creating more waste that ultimately impacts our local environment. By mitigating energy use, you’re promoting a healthier, happier Earth. 

Easier To Use

Nothing’s more convenient than a modern thermostat. Newer models are designed to be accessible and simple to use. With LED screens and buttons that light up, a new interface provides ease of access over what you might currently have. It’s a much easier way to regulate your home’s temperature, especially at night. 

Current One is Damaged

A damaged thermostat will cause problems for the rest of your AC system. There are a number of reasons your thermostat may be damaged, including floodwaters and high humidity. There may be electrical issues and broken parts from blunt damage. Regardless of what broke your thermostat, it’s better to replace it sooner rather than later. Being unable to change your home’s temperature on a hot summer day is incredibly frustrating and even dangerous in some situations, so it’s best to solve the issue right away. 

It’s in The Wrong Place

The location of your thermostat is important. Even if it’s in good condition, a misplaced thermostat can send incorrect signals to the AC unit, causing problems with the way your home is cooled. For instance, a thermostat in warm sunlight will likely have incorrect temperature readings, causing the unit to run more than it needs to. This can lead to a number of problems, so if you’re unhappy with your thermostat’s placement, we can install a new one in a better spot. 

Call Our Air Conditioning Contractors For More Information

If you’re thinking about installing a new thermostat, or a brand new air conditioner, call Naughton Mechanical. There’s a lot to consider as you explore your options, and our team of air conditioning contractors is here to answer your questions. We’ll help you determine the ideal placement of your new thermostat. 

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