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What to Do If You Lose Heat in Winter

Losing heat when it’s frigid outside is never ideal. If your home’s heating stops in the winter, you must plan carefully to keep your family safe and warm. After you’ve checked to see whether you have blown a fuse or lost electricity, a furnace checkup may be in order. When a breaker trips, you may quickly replace a blown fuse by resetting it, but your utility provider should be contacted in order to address a power outage. Call for emergency assistance as soon as possible if your furnace is to blame. There’s no convenient time to lose heat in the winter, so call Naughton Mechanical at the soonest opportunity for help. While you wait for us to arrive, consider these tips to stay warm. 

Stay Together in a Single Room

After your furnace breaks down, your family or housemates should stay together in a single room. More people means more body heat, which makes it easier to stay warm. Try to choose a room that has a fireplace, which can supply heat until your furnace is back up and running again. Another option is to choose a southern-facing room, as this will have more direct sunlight that can help keep it warm. If your room has doors, avoid opening them to keep heat in. Use extra pillows and blankets for warmth—that way, you’ll stay cozy until our HVAC experts come to solve the problem. 

Use Other Heating Options

When temperatures drop, layering clothing can help keep you warm. Wear an extra pair of socks, sweaters, pants and gloves even if you are indoors. Your feet will get cold first, so keep them completely covered. If you have electricity, use space heaters and heating pads for additional warmth. You can significantly improve the comfort of a room by using portable heaters, which quickly produce warm air. Of course, be aware of fire hazards and use these items according to their respective safety guidelines.

Try to Eliminate Drafts

Drafts will significantly impact how warm your house feels, even if you use all of the above measures. Even a small draft of cold air can cause your home’s internal temperature to decrease by several degrees each hour. Check all windows and doors to ensure they are closed tightly. If necessary, lay blankets or towels along door jams and window sills to prevent cold air from seeping in. Plastic coverings can also work on windows. 

Don’t Hesitate to Call a Heating Contractor

Winter can be a dangerous time of the year if you aren’t prepared. You depend on your furnace to keep your home safe and warm, so when your heating is compromised, you need to call an expert sooner rather than later. Naughton Mechanical offers efficient services and over 25 years of experience, and we’re prepared to lend you a hand. Depend on us for help when you need it the most. We’ll arrive quickly to evaluate your furnace and construct a plan to solve your heating needs. Call today.

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