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What to Check When Your Home Is Too Hot 

If you have an air conditioner but it doesn’t appear to be working very well and your home is too darn hot, a maintenance or repair issue could be to blame. Here are some things to check when your hot is too hot despite the A/C cranking—

Maintenance and Repair Issues

If your A/C isn’t cooling your home properly, it could be an air conditioner maintenance or repair problem. Here are some things to troubleshoot if temperatures are too high:

  • Check the thermostat. It may sound simple, but the first thing that you should do if temperatures are inexplicably hot in your home is to check to make sure your thermostat is working properly. You’ll be surprised what new batteries can do! 
  • Replace your filters. One of the most common causes of A/C headaches is dirty filters. Filters should be replaced quarterly, and even more frequently if you have pets or a lot of dust in your home. 
  • Clean the outdoor compressor. Head outside to inspect your outdoor compressor. If it’s dirty, remove leaves and other debris. You may need to call a professional if you have a faulty compressor that requires a more serious inspection. 
  • Inspect your ducts. Dirty ducts can prevent strong airflow and result in warmer-than-wanted temperatures inside your home. If all of the above things have been inspected and look good, check out your ducts. If they’re pretty filthy, you should schedule a professional duct cleaning. 
  • Look at your condenser. Finally, check your condenser. You should look for excessive water in the overflow tray, that all switches around the condenser are set to “on,” and look for any blockage.

Potential Other Causes of High Temperatures

In addition to maintenance or repair issues, your home could simply be too hot because of an A/C unit that’s outdated and no longer efficient, exceptionally hot temperatures outside and poor home insulation, or because you’re left windows and doors open, allowing hot air to enter the home. Weatherizing your home can help to keep it cool. During the summer, you should only open your windows at night and be sure to keep the shades drawn to keep the sun out during the day. 

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