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Steps for End-of-Summer HVAC Maintenance

The end of summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming fall season. Many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of regular HVAC maintenance. However, it is essential to ensure your system remains highly efficient and functional, especially during peak seasons. In this blog post, the HVAC experts and Naughton Mechanical discuss some of the critical steps you should take to maintain your HVAC system at the end of the summer season.

Change Your Air Filters

The first step towards end-of-summer HVAC maintenance is to replace air filters. Air filters help to improve indoor air quality by trapping dust, dirt, and pollen. Dirty air filters restrict airflow, reduce system efficiency, and increase energy costs. We recommend that you replace your air filters every three months, especially during peak seasons.

Clean the Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor unit of your HVAC system gets exposed to harsh weather elements, including dust, dirt, and debris. If these elements accumulate on the fins and coil of the outdoor unit, it can restrict airflow, cause the system to overheat and malfunction. We recommend that you remove any debris and dust by gently using a garden hose. But before cleaning, you must ensure the power supply to the outdoor unit is shut off.

Check the Thermostat

Fall is the season for changing temperatures. Therefore, before the fall season sets in, it is crucial to check the thermostat settings. Ensuring that your thermostat is working correctly will save you from any unnecessary discomfort during the fall season. You can check the thermostat settings by adjusting the temperature and verifying that the system turns on and off accordingly.

Test the Furnace

Another essential step towards preparing your HVAC system for the fall season is testing the furnace before you start using it. This step will help to identify any potential issues, such as system malfunctions or mechanical faults. Checking the system before the onset of the fall season will ensure maximum performance and efficiency when you need it the most.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance Checkup

While you can perform several maintenance checks on your HVAC system yourself, hiring a professional to perform a comprehensive checkup is often advisable. A professional HVAC technician will ensure that all aspects of your HVAC system and unit are functioning optimally to provide maximum performance and efficiency throughout the peak seasons. Contact Naughton Mechanical to schedule your checkup.

Contact Us for Reliable HVAC Repair and Maintenance

End-of-summer HVAC maintenance is one of the critical steps homeowners can take to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency throughout the coldest and warmest months of the year. Taking proactive steps such as changing air filters, cleaning outdoor condensers, testing the furnace, and scheduling a professional maintenance check-up are smart steps to take. It will save you money on costly repairs and replacements while keeping your home comfortable and healthy for years to come. Before the fall season officially kicks in, contact Naughton Mechanical to schedule your HVAC checkup.

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