12 Jul

Should You Use an HVAC Professional or a Handyman for Repairs?

When you have general health concerns, you go see your family physician for an overall checkup and diagnosis. If you have specific issues or health concerns, you see a specialist. It really is the same with your home! A handyman is a general contractor who can tackle some general home projects, but when you need help with your HVAC system, it helps to have a professional. 

Here are the top reasons why you need an HVAC expert for your air conditioner or furnace work:

Peace of Mind. An HVAC contractor needs to be properly licensed in your state in order to perform the services and repairs on your air conditioner or furnace. Licensed professionals are tested regularly and do not just dabble in the area, like a handyman does. A state-certified specialist has the knowledge base needed to diagnose and repair your HVAC system. At Naughton Mechanical, our team is consistently taking classes and attending seminars to stay up on the latest innovations in the field.

Insurance coverage. A professional HVAC expert that is part of a company or business and is licensed properly will also have insurance. Anytime someone is in your home working on something or repairing something, you want to feel that the person in your home is covered if they get injured. You do not want to risk a lawsuit from a handyman who gets hurt while working on your system. Also, if a handyman damages your home in some way while working on your furnace or air conditioner, you want to know that the cost of the damage will be covered. 

Hands-on Expertise. Of course, there is no substitution for the knowledge base that is gained while working on the job. A handyman may know a little about a lot of things, but an HVAC professional knows a lot about HVAC systems! There are actually many components that make up your air conditioner, furnace and vents. By working on many different types of systems year after year, an expert will be able to better trouble-shoot any problems as well as install a new system correctly. Our team has worked on residential to large commercial systems for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge that we have garnered with each and every job. Our team will ensure that your system is functioning at its best and good to go for years to come.

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