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On a hot summer day, few things are more refreshing than walking into a cool, air conditioned building after being out in the sun. Air conditioners are one component of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. If you are considering installing a new air conditioning system in your home, or you need to service or update your existing system, work with an experienced and licensed HVAC professional.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

An air conditioning system does more than keep you cool on hot days. Beyond providing comfort and psychological benefits, air conditioning provides the following health benefits:

● Improved air quality from the circulation of clean air;
● Removal of harmful particles like pollen and dust mites from the air;
● By keeping the temperature low, air conditioning can keep insects and parasites out of a home or commercial building; and
● A lower ambient temperature can reduce occupants’ risk of suffering from heat exhaustion.

Installing an Air Conditioning System

The cost of installing an air conditioning system depends on a few factors. For homeowners, the cost can start at $1500 for a whole house system.  The national average cost ­of installing air conditioning is $5,329.

There are a few different types of air conditioning systems available to homeowners. These include:

● ­Central air conditioning systems. These are typically part of larger HVAC systems and utilize the system’s ductwork to cool the entire home.
● Split systems. This type of air conditioning system comes in two forms: ductless systems, and central systems that incorporate indoor and outdoor components.

For a commercial building, the options are a little bit different. The average cost to install a commercial HVAC varies widely depending on the type of system and the size and complexity of the building. With a commercial HVAC system, there are two main options: air-cooled, which tends to be less expensive, and water-cooled, which tends to be more efficient.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Every type of air conditioner should be serviced by an experienced heating and cooling professional at least once per year. Servicing involves cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and examining the system for signs of wear or damage. Regular servicing will ensure that the system continues to operate correctly and efficiently.

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