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Reasons to Do a Midsummer AC Checkup

Yearly AC maintenance is recommended since the unit can develop issues while not in use. However, many homeowners overlook the impact of a midsummer tune-up. When it’s hot out, you are running your air conditioner every day, and it doesn’t hurt to have a professional make sure everything is ok. Naughton Mechanical is your team of neighborhood air conditioning contractors. We can take a look at your AC to make sure it runs properly the rest of the summer. 

Address Warning Sounds and Strange Smells

A malfunctioning AC sometimes makes strange noises that indicate it’s time for a tuneup. Noises can indicate a loose part, something broken or debris might have gotten inside. One of our maintenance experts can take a close look at the inside of the machine to check. Be on the alert for odd smells, too. Summer tends to be a rainy time of the year. Damp, unpleasant smells can indicate the unit isn’t working optimally, especially during a time with heavy rainstorms and high humidity. Weather conditions can adversely affect your AC’s functioning, and catching these issues before they turn into huge problems is key. 

Lower Your Energy Bills

Newer air conditioners are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Ongoing trends of high energy usage are indicative of a larger problem that warrants a new unit. However, a sharp spike, particularly during specific times of the year, may relate to energy usage during those specific months. It’s normal to have higher energy bills by mid summer since you have been running your AC for weeks. If it’s significantly higher than last summer, be sure to have a professional check for issues that may be inhibiting its efficacy. 

Clear Out Allergens

If you are sneezing more this summer, it might not be a mere coincidence. Filters play a vital role in collecting airborne allergens and removing them from circulation. As a result, your air will have more pollen, dander and contaminants that can cause you and your family to suffer sinus distress while indoors. A simple filter replacement may be needed, but in other cases, weak airflow can indicate a systemic issue. You might even consider getting an air purifier

Increase Safety

Hot temperatures pose a health risk, especially to susceptible groups. Worrying over whether your AC will make it through the summer can be a big source of stress. After a thorough examination by a professional, you can feel certain that you won’t run into any issues for the rest of the season. 

Inspect Inside of Unit

It’s good to check the inside of the air conditioner, including the cooling coils, refrigerant, drain pans, and outdoor fan motor. Checking these parts for optimal condition lets us make sure your AC doesn’t just appear fine—we’ll confirm it actually is good to go.  

Complete Your AC Check-Up Now

Interested in a professional check up on your air conditioner this summer? Call Naughton mechanical. We’ll ensure your AC works optimally all summer long. Schedule a maintenance today, and be sure to discuss possible repairs or replacements with us.

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