24 May

Life Hack: Never Forget to Change Air Filters Again

By far there is one task that you can easily do as a homeowner to keep your air quality up and HVAC system working at an optimal level: regularly change your air filter. This easy do-it-yourself chore is the absolute best way to keep your system humming along. So why is it so easily forgotten and left off of your to-do list? It is out of sight as well as many homeowners lose track of the last time it was changed or how often it needs to be changed.

The Dirt on Air Filters

While it may seem like no big deal that you are not on a regular schedule to change your air filter, it can cause issues! Your air filter has an important job of catching dirt, particles and more that can affect not only the quality of the air you breathe, but also how hard your HVAC system has to work. Typically, your air filter should be replaced about every 2 to 3 months. This does depend on if you have pets or family members who have allergies or asthma. You should check your filter at 2 months to see if it is ready to be changed or if it could go for another week or 4. 

Stay on Top of Changing Your Filter

Check out some of the ways you can better manage your air filters without breaking a sweat.

  1. Schedule a delivery: If heading to your local store to pick up a new filter is part of your problem, you can have them delivered through online shopping. If you can, purchase a year’s worth of air filters at one time to always have them on hand as needed. 
  2. Set an alert: Put a reminder in your phone as well to help you remember when you have changed it and when you probably need to do it again. Also, you can put in a monthly alert during the season when your windows are open as the extra outside air may cause your air filter to clog more easily. The warmer season with more allergens in the air may be when you need to change your air filter more often.
  3. Have regular maintenance inspections: Getting a professional opinion and inspection on your particular HVAC system is also important to keeping up on your air filters. Our team at Naughton Mechanical can help you with both your heating and cooling components. We recommend seasonal maintenance as you switch from one system to another. At these inspections, we can take a look at your air filter and offer any expert guidance on type of filter or when to change it based on your own particular system.

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