23 Mar

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Spring?

Warmer days begin popping up in the spring season and that is a signal that the summer heat is not far behind. To get ahead of the heat, you should take time to get your HVAC system and air conditioner ready for a season of running and keeping your family cool and comfortable.

Here are four tips to follow to get you ready for the increase in temperatures:

Clean up the unit

Your air conditioner sits outside all year long and can collect dirt, debris, dust and more. As the snow melts and it is warm enough to spend time outside, take a moment to inspect your air conditioner to see how dirty it has gotten over the fall and winter. Sweep up and brush off any large and visible debris and leaves around and on your AC. Check and see if there are any critters around that have tried to burrow into a warmer space. 

Test out your thermostat

Sure your thermostat and HVAC system have worked just fine with each other on the “heat” setting, but it is best to check them out with the “cool” switch. Turn your system to cool and let it run for a few minutes to see how it performs. This test is best left for a warmer spring day.

Change out your filters

While you should be on a regular schedule to change your air filters in your HVAC system, the change of seasons is an especially important time. There could be a buildup of particles that could affect your air quality and impact your breathing if you have asthma or allergies. Having consistently clear air filters helps your HVAC system run and perform at an optimal level all year long.

Get a professional inspection

Staying on top of any potential issues before they become something big can save you from sweating during the summertime. Our expert technicians at Naughton Mechanical know all about HVAC systems. We offer free consultations to discuss your system, any needed repairs and if it is time for a new air conditioner. The energy efficient units that are now available can make an impact on your home.

Get Help With Your Air Conditioner and More

As heating and cooling professionals, our team is also here for all of your furnace needs. We can help with installing a new furnace or any repairs. If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer, discuss with our team members how an air purifier can make a difference in your home’s air quality. When an air purifier is installed as part of your HVAC system, you will have “cleaner” air as the purifier will catch particles and cycle this refreshed air throughout your home.

If you are ready to get going on an HVAC system project, reach out to our team through our online contact form.

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