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Fall AC Maintenance Tips 

If you’ve been looking forward to the cooler weather, you’re not alone—the 2022 summer has been one of the hottest on record for the United States, and many areas throughout the world have experienced record temperatures. However, before you say goodbye to summer for good, it’s important to prep your air conditioner for the cooler weather with some fall AC maintenance tips. Here are some maintenance to-dos—

Replace the Filter

Regularly replacing the filter in your HVAC system is critical for keeping the air inside your home clean and for maximizing the efficiency of your system. Even if you’re shutting down your AC for the winter, it’s still recommended that you replace the air filter. Keep in mind that replacing your air filter about once every three months—and more often if you suffer from allergies or have pets—is recommended.

Clean the Coils

During the summer, your AC’s coils are going to collect dirt and debris thanks to mowing the grass, falling leaves, and just being located outside generally. Before your AC goes into rest mode for the winter, give the coils a wipe down and remove any debris, which could cause issues come next summer if not cleaned now. Removing debris goes for your whole unit, not just the coils. 

Insulate if Necessary

Check the manufacturer’s guidelines on your AC unit to learn whether or not insulating your AC is necessary. Some AC units should be covered and extra insulation around exposed pipes and wiring is highly recommended. 

Change the Thermostat

It goes without saying, but once you’re no longer using your air conditioner, you should be sure to turn off power to the unit. This is also the time to adjust the settings on your thermostat. Note that using a programmable thermostat is a great way to reduce your energy consumption and save money on your annual bill. You may even want to consider a smart thermostat that learns your patterns and will adjust the temperature based on when you’re home. 

Schedule a Professional Checkup

Finally, if it’s been a while since your AC has seen a professional for professional maintenance services, it may be time to make a call. A professional can perform an inspection of your system and make sure that everything is performing as it should. Keeping your AC in tip-top condition is a great way to extend its longevity and keep it performing at maximum efficiency. 

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To learn more about AC maintenance that you should perform in the fall, reach out to Naughton Mechanical LLC today. Our team is happy to come out to your home and perform maintenance at your request. 

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