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What to Expect During Spring HVAC Maintenance

As the cold weather moves out and warmth and sunshine roll in, you know that your air conditioning will be turned on eventually. Before summer hits, you want to be prepared. Spring is the perfect time to do maintenance on your HVAC system. You won’t want to discover a problem when it’s hot and humid out. Instead, take preventive measures by having a professional take a look at your heating and cooling system. Here’s how the HVAC contractors at Naughton Mechanical will help you this spring. 

Inspect for Cleanliness

After a long winter of inactivity, your cooling system probably needs some TLC. This is especially true if you didn’t bother with maintenance during the fall. While our contractors examine your HVAC system, we’ll take a careful look at each part to see whether they are jammed with dirt or dust. Your HVAC system works best when it is clean and free of debris, so we’ll make sure your system is clear before proceeding. We will take a particularly close look at the fan and indoor coil. This step is very beneficial since you’ll save money if your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard. 

Examine Each Part

Once we’ve confirmed that debris isn’t the cause of any problems, our contractors will look at each individual part of your HVAC system. Your HVAC system has many different parts that work together, including electrical components, the blower assembly, compressor, and more. If a single part is malfunctioning, it will affect the rest of the system, so it’s vital that each part is in tip-top shape. We look for signs of damage or wear so we can address it before it becomes an issue. 

Change the Filter

Usually, spring is a great time to change your HVAC system’s filter. Over time, the filter becomes saturated with dirt and dust, which prevents it from working properly. To help keep the air in your home clean, we’ll replace the filter and may recommend getting an air purifier if your house has a significant amount of dust. It’s important to change your filter regularly to prevent buildup and to keep the system from getting blocked by particles. 

Test Your HVAC System

At Naughton Mechanical, we value your highest satisfaction, so our maintenance services are comprehensive and in-depth. Before we leave, we will run the system to see it in action. This helps us identify any issues that could not be visually detected. Our team will measure your air conditioner’s coolant levels, check the timing of the system’s cooling cycles, and make sure the safety controls are working. Once we’re done, you can be confident that your HVAC system is all ready for the warmer months ahead!

Call Our HVAC Contractors in Crown Point!

Now’s the perfect time to plan your spring HVAC maintenance. Our team of HVAC contractors at Naughton Mechanical has worked in the field for over 20 years and confidently handle any challenges that arise. We know all the best solutions to your common HVAC related problems. Contact us today to schedule your spring maintenance!

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