Highland Air Conditioning Company

Highland Air Conditioning Company

Is your air conditioner having trouble? Think it’s time to install a new HVAC system? Call our team at Naughton Mechanical! We are a Highland air conditioning company that’s been serving clients since 1989. Our technicians are among the most experienced in the field, using decades of knowledge to solve your HVAC-related problems. We help keep your family comfortable all year round. 

Why Choose Naughton Mechanical?

Air conditioning is just one part of an interconnected HVAC system. When your air conditioner isn’t working properly, our team will be there to remedy the situation. These jobs require precise work and plenty of experience, meaning you should work with only the most capable HVAC technician. At Naughton Mechanical, that’s exactly what you can expect: an experienced team of contractors who can fix your air conditioner quickly. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and continue to provide excellent installation and repair services today. 

In addition to unparalleled service, our company installs what we consider to be the best air conditioning brands in the market. In fact, Naughton Mechanical is a Trane Comfort Specialist, and so we’re experienced in installing air conditioners from this brand. We do each job with the utmost quality, ensuring that the job is completed thoroughly. After all, we prioritize your satisfaction, above all else.  

  • Hardworking team
  • Quality AC units
  • Efficient installation
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Free estimates on installations
  • Award-winning services

The Importance of A Properly Working Air Conditioner

Summers in Northwest Indiana and Illinois tend to be hot and humid. You’ll be happy to have a cool home on those unbearably warm days. When your air conditioner is working as it should be, every room in your house should be about the same temperature. If your AC isn’t working properly, one side of your house might be stifling while the other is uncomfortably cold. Another problem you may face is unusual levels of humidity. If your home has felt more humid than normal, it might be a sign that your air conditioner isn’t able to handle all the moisture in the air, making your house feel warmer than it should. 

In addition to keeping you and your family comfortable, air conditioners contribute to better health. These systems maintain good circulation, which helps to improve the quality of your air. Plus, air conditioning systems have filters to clear the air of harmful particles like dust mites. You’ll breathe easier when your air conditioning is working properly. 

If you think that there’s something wrong with your air conditioner, or if you’d like to install a new one, just give us a call! Our technicians repair and install air conditioners for clients all over the area. We’ll come to your home or business and check out your HVAC system. We make air conditioning installation easy.

Call Our Highland Air Conditioning Company

Naughton Mechanical is the number one Highland air conditioning company! We’re your reliable HVAC contractors for when your air conditioner is acting up. We’re happy to maintain, repair or install your unit: just give us a call.

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We constantly take classes and attend seminars so we stay up to date on all the advances in technology and efficiency, and therefore keep our customers satisfied.

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