Heating Crown Point

Heating Crown Point

In the winter, heating your home is crucial for a variety of reasons. Not only will keeping the home warm keep you and your family comfortable and safe, it will prevent the water in your plumbing system from freezing and potentially keep the electronic and mechanical equipment in your home safe from warping from extreme cold.

A heating system is one part of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Like other components of your HVAC system, having your heating system regularly serviced will ensure that it continues to run correctly and efficiently. If you have an older style heating system like steam radiators, consider replacing it with a more modern, more efficient heating system.

Heating System Maintenance

Your heating system should be serviced twice each year. Some types of heating system require more regular maintenance. What happens during a maintenance visit depends on the type of heating system you have. For example, heating systems that use a hot water boiler must have their water temperature and water pressure checked at each service visit. With a forced hot air system, the home’s ductwork must be cleaned regularly and the system’s filters must be replaced as they become too dirty to catch contaminants in the air.

Types of Heating System

There are many different types of heating system in existence. Some use radiant heat from water while others use electricity, natural gas, oil, or even wood-burning stoves to heat homes. 3 percent of American homes have no heating system.

Heating systems found in American homes include:

  • Baseboard heating. With baseboard heating, hot air rises from metal, floor-level units that transport water heated by the home’s boiler to warm rooms;
  • Forced hot air. With this type of heating system, ducts within the home’s walls move air heated by the furnace into rooms, expelling the hot air in short, forceful bursts;
  • Radiant heat. With this type of heating system, tubes in the floor transport hot water, allowing radiant heat to rise from the floor into the living area;
  • Steam radiators. With this type of heating system, water warmed in the boiler is transported via pipes to cast iron radiators in rooms. Heat from this water warms the surrounding area; and
  • Geothermal heat. This new technology makes it possible to use the earth’s natural heat to warm and cool homes through closed geothermal pipes. Although this type of heating system is the most efficient, it is also quite expensive.

Work with an Experienced Crown Point HVAC Professional

Keeping your home’s heating system in working order is important to your health, your comfort, and your wallet. Letting problems in the system go unmanaged can cause the system to break down further, eventually putting you in a position where you need to make a costly repair or purchase. To schedule your next heating system service visit or discuss installing a new heating system in Northwest Indiana or Chicagoland, contact our team of HVAC professionals at Naughton Mechanical LLC to schedule your initial consultation with us.

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