Dyer HVAC Service

Dyer HVAC Service

Whatever is happening with the weather outside, there’s nothing that you can do (except for maybe complain). When it comes to the inside of your Dyer home or business, though, that’s a whole different story. With comprehensive Dyer HVAC service that keeps your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in tip-top shape throughout the year, you can enjoy comfort no matter the temperature outdoors.

At Naughton Mechanical LLC, our team of HVAC professionals has been providing Dyer HVAC services to home and business owners for over two decades. For all of your HVAC needs in Dyer and surrounding areas, please call our team today.

Our HVAC Services in Dyer

Your HVAC system is comprised of multiple different parts and components, and year-round, you’re asking it to work for you. As such, it’s important that you perform routine maintenance, handle repairs in a timely manner, and replace an HVAC system when it’s dated or no longer working. At Naughton Mechanical LLC, we handle all HVAC system repair, replacement, and maintenance needs, and service:

  • Air conditioning units. If your air conditioner isn’t doing its job to keep you cool, we can help. Air conditioners have many different parts – some of the most common repair issues that we see involve the evaporator, condenser, compressor, thermostat, or expansion valve, although, with 20 years of experience behind our name, we’ve seen it all. Of course, we also service air conditioning ducts, too.
  • Furnaces. While a good furnace will keep working for around 20 years, furnaces need regular maintenance over the decades to keep them in good shape. Thermostats, gas burners, pilot lights, fans, and more can all go out. We can assess your furnace and provide you with an honest opinion about your repair options, and guide you through replacement if it’s time. We also install and service ductless systems, too.
  • Air cleaners and purifiers. The air in your home or business may not be as clean as you think; allergens, bacteria, pet dander, and more are found just about everywhere. By installing an air cleaner and purifier, though, you and your loved ones can all breathe a little easier, something that might be especially important if you have anyone with allergies or respiratory illnesses in the family.

Serving Residential Homeowners and Commercial Business Owners

Something that sets our Dyer HVAC company apart is the fact that we understand that residential homeowners and commercial business owners have unique HVAC needs. Whether you have a small home that can be heated and cooled with a basic system (or even a ductless system) or a large business space that requires a unique heating and cooling system to keep everyone comfortable and run as efficiently as possible, we can help.

Call Our Dyer HVAC Service Company Today

If you have questions about your HVAC system, are in need of a repair, or want to learn more about new installations, we are here to help. Please reach our team today by phone, or by sending us a message to tell us more about your HVAC needs. We offer free estimates for HVAC services.


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