Dyer Air Conditioning Repair

Dyer Air Conditioning Repair

We rely on our cooling systems to keep our homes safe and comfortable each summer. Any time that your air conditioner isn’t working properly, it’s an urgent issue that must be taken care of by a professional HVAC contractor. At Naughton Mechanical, we’ve provided Dyer air conditioning repair for over 30 years. To this day, our family-owned and operated business continues our original mission of excellence. Rely on us for fast, dependable repair. 

Signs You Need Dyer Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners are something that many of us take for granted until we encounter an issue on a hot summer day. Your air conditioner is vital to you and your family’s health. After all, it keeps your home cool and comfortable, and it improves your indoor air quality, too. In the instance that your air conditioner suddenly stops running normally, you need to call our professional team immediately. 

Naughton Mechanical will arrive at your home to see what the issue is. Our team will conduct a thorough examination of your entire cooling system. We commonly discover at least one of the following problems:

  • Air filter is saturated and needs to be changed
  • Indoor or outdoor coils are dirty
  • Ducts are leaky
  • Refrigerant, or coolant, is leaking inside the AC

While our team is always happy to repair your AC, there are some instances where a repair doesn’t have the same payoff as installing a brand new cooling system. For instance, if you need the same, large-scale repairs over and over again, or if your unit is very old, those are indications that you would benefit more from replacing your cooling system altogether.

Installing an AC is easy with Naughton Mechanical! We’ll help you choose a brand and model that fits perfectly with your home. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we highly recommend getting a Trane air conditioner as they are some of the best on the market. A Trane air conditioner will help you save money in the long run as you enjoy lower energy bills and more effective cooling. We’re confident that you’ll love what your new AC does for you. 

When You Need Dyer Air Conditioning Repair, We Have Your Back

Naughton Mechanical is an HVAC company with a longstanding reputation. We are the company that many homeowners choose to rely on when they need affordable AC installation or repair. Our contractors are detailed-oriented, skilled at helping our clients choose the best solution to their needs. Whether your AC has temporarily broken down or you believe it’s time to install a new cooling system, we will be right there to help you out.

Our company offers a range of services:

  • Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Duct Work
  • Generator Services
  • Cooling Systems
  • Emergency Service for Urgent Problems

Naughton Mechanical endeavors to do the best that we can in every area of our practice. We wish to become you and your family’s most trusted HVAC company for the years to come, so let us know how we can better help you. 

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