Crown Point Furnace Repair

Crown Point Furnace Repair

Cold temperatures are here to stay, and now your furnace is working 24/7. Is your furnace up to the job this winter? If you have your doubts, listen for sounds from the furnace. For example, do you hear a rattling noise from your furnace? If you do, it can be severe like a cracked exchanger, which can leak carbon monoxide into your home. Do you hear a clanking sound, like metal hitting metal? A modern well maintained furnace should not be making any sounds at all. If you hear noises, call your Crown Point furnace repair company immediately. 

If you do not know who to contact, contact Naughton Mechanical near Crown Point. For over three decades, they have been responsible for furnace repair for many Crown Point homeowners and business owners. They offer free estimates for all repair and installation services.

What to Look for Before You Call For Furnace Repair in Crown Point

If your furnace is not working quite right, but you do not hear the loud clanking sounds, then check a few things yourself before you contact Naughton Mechanical for furnace repair in Crown Point. There are a few items you can test yourself. These items are:

Check your filter. Is it time for a new filter for your furnace? It makes good sense to change the filter every month. A dirty, clogged filter can make the furnace blowers, and the heat exchanger works overtime. A dirty filter also is one of the main culprits for making your house more dusty than usual.
Look for your cold air return vents. Sometimes you do not even realize that when you were rearranging the living room furniture, you put a new piece of furniture right in front of a cold air return vent. Now that you know you can rearrange the furniture again to expose the cold air return vent.
Be sure the switch that controls the furnace is turned on. Believe it or not, your furnace may not be on, and that is why you think you need furnace repair in Crown Point. Look for a wall switch somewhere close to the furnace and then check the circuit breaker fuse for the furnace.
Check the dampers. Sometimes dampers can be restricting air flow to individual rooms, and some HVAC systems have different damper settings for heating and cooling.

If the issue persists after you have checked out all these items, contact Naughton Mechanical immediately for furnace repair.

Choose Naughton Mechanical for All your Furnace Repair in Crown Point

Naughton Mechanical, your Heating and Cooling professionals, have taken care of furnace repair in Crown Point and surrounding Northwest Indiana communities homeowners for three decades. In addition to furnace repair, they also provide quality furnace installation for homeowners and commercial businesses. Contact us today by calling us at 219-365-7055 or visiting our website and filling out get in touch with our form. We will reply to your message soon.

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