Crown Point Ductless System

Crown Point Ductless System

Once summer hits and things start to heat up, having a working air conditioner is an important part of staying cool, comfortable, and safe. Yet many residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Crown Point and the surrounding areas of Indiana don’t have ducts, making central air an impossibility. Fortunately, there is a cooling system solution that works: ductless installation. To learn more about our services for Crown Point ductless systems, reach out to Naughton Mechanical, LLC today. 

What Is a Ductless System?

A ductless system is exactly what it sounds like: an air conditioning system that doesn’t rely on ducts to transport cooled air through a home or business. (Note: ductless systems also provide heat in the winter, too.) These systems have two parts—an indoor unit that distributes the cooled air and the outdoor unit; these two unit parts are connected to each other. The cooled air is distributed directly into the space where the unit is located without using any ducts. 

Benefits of Going Ductless

There are many benefits to installing a ductless system, also called a mini-split system. These include:

  • Zone heating and cooling. Because a ductless system will only cool or heat the room where it’s located, home and business owners benefit from zone heating and cooling—the ability to maintain different rooms at different temperatures based on the preferences of whoever’s using those rooms.
  • High-efficiency cooling. With ducts, there is a high rate of energy loss, as cool air escapes or is warmed before it reaches its distribution point. With ductless systems, this doesn’t happen, and these symptoms are highly efficient as such.
  • Cooling benefits without renovations. For homes and businesses that don’t have existing ductwork, installing ducts can be a costly and time-consuming renovation project. With a ductless system, you can experience the benefits of heating and cooling without having to renovate anything. These are also a great option for home additions.

Services for Ductless Systems in Crown Point

If you have questions about ductless systems in Crown Point, our team at Naughton Mechanical, LLC has the information and experience that you’re looking for. As heating and cooling professionals, we are able to offer a range of services related to ductless systems, including: 

  • Installation. If you need a cooling solution ASAP and don’t have ducts in your home or business, we can guide you through purchasing a ductless unit and will handle 100 percent of the installation. We know that cooling things down sooner rather than later is important, and will make your installation a top priority. 
  • Repairs. If you already have a ductless system and notice that the system isn’t performing as expected, we’re happy to come out for repair services. Our team can quickly diagnose the issue and make recommendations about repairs. We feel confident in our ability to repair nearly any problem. 
  • Maintenance. One of the best things about ductless systems is that there is very little required maintenance. If you do have maintenance questions or needs, though, our team is happy to help. 

Call Us for Crown Point Ductless System Services Today

To learn more about ductless systems and the many benefits of going ductless, call our team at Naughton Mechanical, LLC directly today or send us a message with any questions. We provide a range of Crown Point ductless system services and have a reputation for customer satisfaction. 

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