Air Conditioning Munster

Air Conditioning Munster

Air conditioning is a standard feature in nearly every new building in the United States. If you are building or renovating a home or commercial building, you will most likely install a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to keep the building warm, cool, and ventilated as needed.

Air conditioning can be found in many older buildings as well. In older buildings without modern HVAC systems, window units, portable air conditioning systems, and split air conditioning systems are often used to keep interior spaces cool.

Why You Need Air Conditioning

You might find yourself trying to justify choosing not to install an air conditioning system in your building because in Indiana, the outdoor temperature only becomes uncomfortably hot for a few months out of the year. Although it can be tempting to save money by “toughing out” the hot months by opening your windows and running fans to circulate the air, choosing not to install an air conditioning system can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health. A few facts to consider include:

Air Conditioning Systems

There are many different types of air conditioning system available. The ideal system for your building depends on the size of the building, your budget, and the amount of renovation needed to install an air conditioning system. Types of air conditioning system include:

  • Split systems. With this type of system, an outdoor air compressor pressurizes the air that is then cooled and distributed by an indoor air handling unit;
  • Portable air conditioning systems. Many different types of system can be made into a portable system, such as evaporative, split, and hose systems. These systems can easily be moved from room to room as needed;
  • Window air conditioning units. Like portable air conditioners, window units can easily be moved to where they are needed. This inexpensive type of system rests on a windowsill and plugs into a nearby electrical outlet; and
  • Central air conditioning. This extensive type of system is built into an HVAC system and utilizes its ductwork to distribute cool air.

Servicing your Air Conditioning System

You should have your air conditioning system serviced once per year. Servicing often includes replacing or cleaning the system’s filter and cleaning its coils.

Munster HVAC Professionals can Keep your System Running Efficiently

When you want to install a new air conditioning system or you need to have your existing system serviced or upgraded, contact our team of heating and cooling professionals at Naughton Mechanical LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us. We can answer any questions you have and walk you through the services we provide to keep you cool while your system runs properly and efficiently.

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