Air Conditioning Highland

Air Conditioning Highland

If you think air conditioning is only good for keeping you comfortable, think again. Air conditioning is important to your health and safety. The benefits for you include:

  • Better air quality. An air conditioning system clears harmful particles like pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from the air;
  • Keeping your body at an optimal temperature. Remaining hot for a prolonged period of time can put you at risk of suffering from heat stroke, and when your body has to work to keep itself cool, you are less mentally sharp than you are when you are at a healthy temperature;
  • Enhanced mental health. Being uncomfortable often makes people distressed, which can lead to aggression.

Air conditioning can also protect your furniture and other possessions from damage due to extreme heat. Items that are especially susceptible to heat damage include:

  • Mechanical items;
  • Electronic equipment;
  • Paper items; and
  • Wooden furniture.

Servicing an Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system should be serviced by an HVAC professional once per year. Maintenance for your system could include cleaning its coils, replacing the air filter, and checking the system for signs of damage. Exactly which types of maintenance your system needs depends on the type of system you have.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are many different types of air conditioning system available. These include:

  • Split systems. This type of system uses an indoor air handling unit and an outdoor compressor. The air handling unit distributes cool air to indoor spaces via its suction and refrigerant tubing;
  • Central air conditioning systems. These systems are built into HVAC systems and use their ductwork to deliver cool air to indoor spaces. Like split systems, central air conditioning systems use outdoor compressors to convert energy to pressurized air for cooling;
  • Window air conditioning units. Often seen in apartments and older commercial buildings, window air conditioning units are small electronic appliances that rest in open windows; and
  • Portable air conditioning systems. These systems can be moved around as needed. Portable air conditioning units utilize a variety of systems, such as evaporative air conditioning systems, split systems, or hose systems.

The national average cost of installing a new air conditioning unit in a home is $5,329. Commercial air conditioning units are substantially more expensive. The cost to install a system can vary widely, though, depending on the size of the building and the type of system being installed.

An Experienced Highland HVAC Professional can Keep your Air Conditioning System Running Efficiently

Since 1989, our team of heating and cooling professionals at Naughton Mechanical LLC has served Chicago and Northwest Indiana’s commercial and residential HVAC needs. If you are planning to install a new air conditioning system, upgrade your current system, or if you need to have your system serviced, give us a call to set up a consultation with a member of our team. We can answer any questions you have about air conditioning and other HVAC components.

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