Air Conditioning Dyer

Air Conditioning Dyer

Air conditioning is one of the three components of an HVAC system. The other two are heating and ventilation. These components work together to ensure that the temperature in a building is regulated and that the building itself is properly ventilated. Proper ventilation promotes good air quality, which is important for the health of the people living and working inside the building. HVAC systems also control indoor humidity levels.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

There are a few different types of air conditioning system available. The right type for your home or commercial building depends on your budget, your cooling needs, and the structure of the building itself.

Air conditioning systems include:

  • Window air conditioning units. This is the least expensive option because it requires the least amount of effort to install. Window air conditioning units are placed in open windows and plugged into nearby electrical outlets;
  • Central air conditioning. This expansive type of air conditioning is part of a larger HVAC system. It uses the system’s ducts to transport cool air through the building;
  • Split air conditioning systems. This type of system utilizes two units, one indoor and one outdoor. They do not require ductwork to distribute cool air to indoor spaces and instead, emit cool air through the indoor unit by way of its refrigerant and suction tubing; and
  • Portable air conditioning. There are many different types of portable air conditioning unit, like evaporative and split systems. These air conditioning systems can easily be moved from one area to another.

Speak with an experienced HVAC professional to determine which type of system is right for your property.

Maintaining your Air Conditioning System

Having your air conditioning system serviced at least once each year will ensure that it continues to run properly and efficiently. An inefficient system uses more energy than one that runs efficiently, increasing the building’s utility bill.

Air Conditioning is Good for you

Some older homes and buildings do not have air conditioning systems. In many of these cases, property owners are hesitant to install air conditioning systems because they are concerned about the price of doing so. Beyond the cost of the system itself, installation can mean extensive renovation of the building, potentially displacing its residents or disrupting workflow in a commercial setting.

Air conditioning has many health benefits, like promoting good indoor air quality and preventing heat exhaustion. Property owners who are concerned about the cost of installing a central or split air conditioning system should consider portable and window units instead of relying on open windows and fans to regulate the temperature.

Work with an Experienced Dyer HVAC Professional

When you need to have your air conditioning system serviced, repaired, or replaced, you need to work with an experienced HVAC professional. Contact our team at Naughton Mechanical LLC today to set up your initial consultation with us. We can answer any questions you have and help you decide the right course of action for cooling your home or commercial building safely and efficiently.

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