AC Repair Highland

AC Repair Highland

AC Repair Keeps Your Highland Home Cool All Summer Long

The dog days of summer are no good for dogs and people alike! The blazing sun, humid temperatures and air quality issues can create an environment of feeling miserable outside. So when you want to get away from the heat and relax, you want your home to be just the right temperature, and if you have concerns about your air conditioner, that may not be the case. Your air conditioner has an important job to cool off and circulate your air for just the space to feel relaxed and chill. Our team at Naughton Mechanical has worked in the heating and cooling industry for years. We are honored to work with our community members throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions.

AC Repair Needed When Your Highland AC Stops Working

There are a variety of signs that your air conditioner needs repairs or is about to go out. Are you hearing strange noises from it when it kicks on? Have you noticed that it runs more often than it used to and does not shut off as much? Does it take longer for your AC to cool off your home to your set temperature? All of these may indicate that your AC unit is in need of repairs. Our team are professionals in the heating and cooling industry. We offer all of the air conditioning services that you may need. We can repair any problems that occur as well as install a new unit if that is the best path. Maintaining your system can help it last longer. By having our team keep an eye on it, we will be able to pinpoint current problems and ones that may be coming down the road.

Our crew members also work on heating units. Your furnace works just as hard as your air conditioner, just opposite ends of the year. Your furnace needs consistent maintenance as well. Your furnace works together with your AC as it is the engine that drives your air circulation.   

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