13 Oct

3 Reasons Your Heating Bills Rise During the Winter Months 

Most people are familiar with the experience of home energy costs rising during the winter, especially the heating bill. In Indiana, winter temperatures can drop well below freezing, and even piling on the blankets isn’t enough to keep warm—one needs a working furnace. But while a rise in your gas bill is expected, too much of an increase could be a sign of something amiss. Here are three reasons your heating bills may be going up during the winter months—to learn more about heating maintenance and heater repair, call Naughton Mechanical LLC directly. 

1. You’re Using More Natural Gas

The most obvious reason that your heating bills are going up during the wintertime is simply that you’re using more natural gas than you are during other times of the year. For example, your air conditioner probably functions using electricity, not gas, whereas electric furnaces are much less common. However, electric furnaces are great when it comes to energy-efficiency ratings, and if your gas furnace is outdated, it’s worth considering replacement. 

2. Your Home Is Poorly Insulated

Another reason why your bills might be coming up during the wintertime, especially if noticed more of an increase than is normal, is that your home is poorly insulated. Drafty windows and doors, low-quality windows, and poor insulation in walls and attics can lead to heating loss that drives up the cost of your energy bill. Weatherization services can make a big difference, as can simply putting down some weatherstripping around windows and doors. 

3. Your Heater Isn’t Operating Efficiently

One of the biggest reasons for a high heating bill in the winter is simply that a heater is operating inefficiently. If your heater isn’t operating efficiently, then it’s using more energy than is necessary to warm your home. Depending on the make and model of your heating system, maintenance (like regularly changing out the filter) and repairs could improve efficiency; sometimes, total replacement is a better option. 

Learn More By Contacting Naughton Mechanical LLC

At Naughton Mechanical LLC, we have experience working on a wide range of heating systems, including furnaces, steam radiators, radiant heat systems, baseboard heating systems, and more. We have a strong reputation for excellence and great customer service. 

To learn more about ways you may be able to lower your heating bill during the winter, or to schedule heating maintenance, repair, or replacement services, reach out to Naughton Mechanical LLC. You can schedule services online or by phone at your convenience.


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